Sid Sells Out First UK Show

We had a fantastic time on Monday night at Sid’s very first solo UK show in Southport. Sid took to the stage to deliver a charismatic 2-hour master class in front of a sold out audience at the Royal Clifton Hotel, demonstrating his vast experience in both barbering & hairdressing.

The show was hosted by The Scissor Guru who puts on 3-4 shows a year with the aim of bringing quality education to local salons. Sid was chosen due to his ‘progressive approach to both men’s and women’s hair’.

The show was hugely well received by the 180-strong crowd. Following the show, tickets for Sid’s January hands on sessions immediately sold out. Due to the huge demand a second date was added which has since also sold out.

“Travelling up the morning of the show was exhausting. I had to be up at 5 am & spent almost 4 hours hurtling through The Pennines on the way to Southport. Between taking in the views & trying not to nod off, I managed to complete an interview for my next Russian magazine feature so it wasn’t all bad news.

As I was showcasing both male & female styles there were a lot of models to prep for the show. I have to say a massive thank you to the team I was working with. Having a great team around you takes a huge weight off your mind, you aren’t constantly worrying about what they’re doing & you can fully focus on the task in hand.

As you can imagine, I was extremely nervous before I went on stage. A million & one things are rushing through your head. I had to ensure all the models were properly dressed, make up was done & the music was ready. It’s a completely different feeling from a fashion show; just when you feel like everything’s ready you remember you’re going out there as well!

As soon as I set foot on stage the nerves subsided & the adrenaline kicked in. My show was centered around an exciting mix of creative & classic techniques. I was also showcasing a new cutting technique that I’ve been developing called cross layering. The 2 hours seemed to be over in flash. I came off stage thinking ‘is that it?’, the adrenaline is still pumping and it takes a while for everything to return back to normal.

I’m always critical of my work & I think that’s the best way to be, but overall I really feel like the night was a success. I’m really proud of selling out my first solo show in the UK & the performance I gave, it was a really special night.

My next show is in Moscow & will be much bigger. After the success of Monday I’m even more excited for the show & am determined to make it even better. We’ll be bringing you more details of that show closer the time.”

Take it easy everybody!


We’d like to take a moment to thank everybody who helped make the show in Southport such a success. We’d like to thank Garry Spencer of The Scissor Guru, the team from Spencer’s (Jeff, Emma & Hannah), Adam Fleming, Mood Hair Colour for kindly sponsoring the show & everybody who attended.

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