OK! Magazine Interview

While we were in Russia, Sid was interviewed by OK! Magazine. We’ve translated the feature back into English for you all. Enjoy!

Sid Sottung was born & raised in New York City. He took his first steps into the world of barbering when he was 15 years old & hasn’t parted with a straight razor or clippers since. Sid worked for global hair brand Vidal Sassoon for 16 years – first in the States & then England – and now runs his own academy in the city of Nottingham.

Sid’s lasted men’s collection is called Gangland. The collection is based on two historical gangs, the Peaky Blinders & the Red Warriors. The Peaky Blinders were a late 1800’s, early 1900’s gang. The name was derived from the practice of stitiching razor blades onto the front of their flat caps which could then be used as weapons.  The Red Warriors were a French street gang in the 80’s who looked almost like skinheads but had the opposite philosophy. They patrolled the streets of Paris & cleansed them from Nazi fanatics.


Beards will become bigger & thicker.

It’s essential to look after your beard otherwise it will become a nuisance. My must-have product for beard care & shaving is an Argan Blend Shave Oil by Lock Stock & Barrel. Most beard oils only contain a mixture of aromatic oils which only have the benefit of a pleasant fragrance  The product from Lock Stock & Barrel contains Argan, Abyssinian & Bornage oil which cares for coarse beard hair, nourishes the skin & provides a perfect razor glide. The product also has applications with hair. If you have fine hair with tight curls,  you can apply the Argan Blend shave oil, it’s amazing for dealing with dry curly hair.

You should couple a thick beard with quite slick styling, undercuts work well. Ask your barber to take the cut down with a straight razor, it’ll look great & grow out better.

Solid Side Parting

If you want a strong side parting put in with clippers, make sure you go to a real barbershop rather than a unisex beauty salon.


The undercut is in this season & should be couple with a slick style. Some guys will be reluctant to leave this style behind as it’s very low maintenance. You can slick your hair back with prep-tonic or gel, or even put it into a bun.

Messy texture

Good news, textured hair will be making a comeback next season. Hooray for casusal messines but remember to take the advice of your barber. A great cut still needs to be accompanied by great styling. No styling – no texture! Ruck Matte Putty from Lock Stock & Barrel works for all hair types & is the perfect product for bed-head.

Wet Shaving

Men need a place where they can hang out with their own kind, relax & get a first class serivce. Barbershops have become a social hub for men & are becoming more & more popular in Russia. Beard & moustache design & traditional wet shaving are becoming staples of the high end barbershop. A cutthroat shave is not only the cleanest of shaves but is also great for the skin. The skin looks fresh & rejuivinated as two layers of dead skin are removed by the shave. Tradtional wet shaves should only be carried out by experts so find a great barbershop & go & be a man for an hour.

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