Men’s Hair Trends For 2015

2014 was an exciting year for hair lovers and those of us working in the industry alike. 2015 is shaping up just as nicely and I , for one, can’t wait for the year ahead. Below I have listed my predictions for the upcoming year; not necessarily individual cuts but overall trends I think we’ll see with men’s hairstyles. Enjoy!

Relaxed Styles

For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction; this is also true of hair trends, albeit not as instantaneous. We’ll call this phenomenon Sottung’s First Law.

Last year we saw every strand of hair expertly slicked into place and perfectly primped pompadours. This year we can expect to see looser, more relaxed styles with a greater emphasis on volume and texture. The cuts will be similar but worn in a different way. Natural partings will still add an element of control and products will help accentuate natural texture. On top, we could see a return to soft curls, bangs or even a subtle nod to the ‘bed-head’ days of old.

Matte Finishes

Pomade quickly became the product for achieving the key looks of 2014 (we’re currently using Bona Fide Pomade at the academy). Gentlemen trading slicked back locks for more relaxed styles in 2015 will require a different type of product/ finish.

We can expect to see more matte finishes in 2015; a trend product companies seem to be privy to with many pomade producers incorporating matte effect products with their latest offerings. I’d very much recommend Lock Stock & Barrel’s Ruck Matte Putty for creating the more relaxed styles I previously spoke about.

Long Hair

Although not for everyone, long hair is certainly making a comeback. The emergence of the ‘mun’ has provided gents with a stylish way to wear long hair up but expect to see long locks worn loose to rival female counterparts.

With long hair appearing from SS 2015 collections to Hollywood A – listers, it’s only a matter of time before it filters down to the mainstream. Long linked with androgyny, we’re starting to see long hair coupled with more masculine styles; from lumberjack chich pioneer, Jared Leto, to model/ internet sensation, Ben Dahlhaus.

Having long hair certainly doesn’t mean letting it grow wildly out of control. Uncared for hair can look lazy and have the unmistakable whiff of pikey. Conditioning and regular trims are a must to maintain a healthy mane. With regards to styling, I’d recommend a thickening tonic.


The bearded gentry have been laughing at the term ‘peak beard’ since it was first uttered in the summer of 2013. First billed as a momentary trend, beards have gone from strength to strength, weaving there way through a multitude of demographics.

In 2015, I expect to see further beard growth in terms of both popularity and length. A beard, much like long hair, is an accessory that must be properly cared for – it’s not just the absence of grooming. Vast arrays of products are now available purely dedicated to the maintenance of a strong beard

So there it is, ladies and gentlemen!

Until next time, ya’ll. Take it easy.

Sid Sottung

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