Advanced Barbering


5 Days



Unlock your full potential with our advanced barbering course.

A modern-day barber needs a vast array of skills to ensure all client’s needs are catered to. Our intensive 5-day course is designed to refine current skills and alleviate any potential weaknesses. This comprehensive curriculum covers core competencies along with additional services one may wish to offer. Emphasis will be placed on areas in which individuals are less familiar.

Students will also receive a guest lecture from Kevin Hamm, a 38-year industry veteran and expert in customer service. Kevin has been implementing his Customer Service System in some of the most well known salon chains throughout the UK for the past 16 years. 80% of those considering changing salon/ barbershop cite customer care as the reason rather than the quality of the service. The seminar focuses on how to retain customers through the correct use of consultation & communication skills. Kevin will also discuss techniques on how to maximise additional revenue through product sales.

“Brilliant academy. I went for the advanced barber course and learned a lot. Sid’s way of teaching was easy to understand and he’s an overall great guy with a lot of knowledge about every aspect of the barbering world. Definitely would recommend.”

– Andreas Ioannou

Course Curriculum

  • Scissor Cutting (Long & Short)
  • Styling
  • Product Knowledge
  • Texturising Techniques
  • Beard Design
  • Hair Colouring
  • Clipper Work
  • Wet Shaving
  • Customer Service

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